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Nov. 20 - Dec. 6, 2020

Killer Valley Comedy Film Festival 2020

Bitch (Canada, 13min)
Gay Divorce Lawyers (USA, 3min)
Gunfight! (Canada, 3min)
Hard Core Pong (USA, 9min)
Mailer Daemon (USA, 20min)
The Man Who Became a Meme (Brazil, 12min)
Mr Dark “A Tasty Burger” (USA, 6min)
Stay (Canada, 8min)
Tipsy (USA, 6min)
The Virus (USA, 3min)

Another Cancer Movie (Canada, 13min)
The Body (Australia, 12min)
Bonne Conduite (France, 11min)
Cheddar Broc Bread Bowl (USA, 6min)
Eugene Euganks: Baltmore’s Favorite Son, a Bowling Story (USA, 4min)
HAMSTER (UK, 6min)
Paved (USA, 13min)
Unscripted Minis (USA, 1min)
White Pants (USA, 3min)
¿Qué Harías? (Mexico, 15min)

Bag Your Face (USA, 20min)
Cuckoo! (Netherlands, 7min)
Dinner for Two (Australia, 6min)
Dylan & Dave (Canada, 3min)
The Funeral (USA, 11min)
How to Save a Marriage (USA, 9min)
Nukey the Nuke Boy (USA, 1min)
Second Life Citizens (USA, 5min)
Swung (USA, 8min)
La Tercera Parte/The Third Part (Spain, 15min)