Short Films

Block #1

Hello there, welcome to our graveyard. We have a great collection of short horror films for you in this block of tales. Sit back and stay awhile, if you dare… 

A special treat for you all… you may remember Heather Langenkamp from a very disturbing Nightmare decades ago… she stars in a short tale in this block of films called “COTTENMOUTH,” directed by Zach Wincik & Danny Salemme.

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Films Available to view Oct. 9th - Nov. 1st

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Featured Trailers

The Barber

Directed by Sergiy Pudich (Ukraine)


Directed by Riccardo Grippo (Italy)

Night of the Witch

Directed by Jesse James Hennessy (USA)

Films in this Block

Abandoned” (Denmark, 12min)
The Barber” (Ukraine, 8min)
Day Break” (Canada, 1min)
Cottonmouth” (USA, 5min)
Don’t Text Back!” (Canada 15min)
Fantasmagoria” (Italy, 9min)
Malakout” (Iran, 10min)
Monsterbook” (Czech Republic, 7min)
My Neighbors Are Weird” (USA, 5min)
Night of the Witch” (USA, 15min)
The Smiler” (USA, 11min)
That Thing in the Darkness” (Italy, 4min)
We Were Cursed” (USA, 9min)