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KVHFF 2012

The Fourth Killer Valley Horror Film Festival (KVHFF) was held Saturday March 10th, 2012 at The ELKS Lodge #944 in Ashland, OR. The festival is an annual celebration of independent motion pictures in the Horror and Sci-Fi Genres.

2012 Awards

While previous years' installments of the KVHFF have shown movies from all over the United States and Europe (2008 KVHFF "Best SFX" Winner was Langliena, from Italian Filmmaker Emiliano Ranzani) - last year's festival was a true celebration of the Pacific Northwest - films came in from Oregon, Washington, British Columbia, and Northern California. This year showcased productions even closer to home, with every featured movie produced in the Great State of Oregon!

The 2012 KVHFF featured a selection of short films, sandwiched between 2 long-format productions. "Descendants of the Wolf" from Director Robert James opened the show, and "Paranormal Hunters with Rex Gonklin" from 2008 "Best Director" Dan McCloy closed the night.

Randy Granstrom and Dan McCloy

The short film portion of the night held 6 local gems, beginning with "Creeper" and "Night Cab" - 2-minute thrillers from local filmmakers Nic Lanier and Alex Williams, respectively. "Mommy," the directing debut from Luis Rodriguez, was a touching suspense film w/ a gory twist, and "First Men on Planet 9" was an 11-minute homage to classic Sci-Fi cinema of the 50s & 60s from Director Randy Granstrom. "First Men on Planet 9" was shot in the most desolate regions of Southern Oregon - environments which proved difficult to locate in the often blue & green valley that most local directors have grown to love.

Filmmakers and fans

Rounding out the Short Film portion were two music videos which fit the theme of the festival all too well. "Robot Love" was a Sci-Fi production from Director Ross Williams, who combined stop-motion animation with live-action video to craft a spooky, yet humorous story aside the song "Hello Future" from electronic artist, Moby. "Dead Man," the festival's next featured music video, from Director Gary Lundgren, was made with local talent and practical special effects, to tell the story of a rural wedding gone awry. The video was produced for the song "Dead Man" by Los Angeles band, The Janks.

The Short Film portion of the night concluded with a Preview Clip and Trailer of the upcoming feature, "Vampire Camp" from Director Ray Robison.

Award Winners

First Men on Planet 9 Dead Man Night Cab Paranormal Hunters with Rex Gonklin Desendants of the Wolf GogDawg!

Best Picture - First Men on Planet 9

Best Director (2 winners) - Gary Lundgren (Dead Man) tied with Robert James (Descendants of the Wolf)

Best Special FX - Dead Man (directed by Gary Lundgren)

Best Actor - Dan McCloy (Paranormal Hunters)

Best Actress (2 winners) - Melanie Dahl (Paranormal Hunter) tied with Danielle Kelly (Dead Man)

The Bison Filmmaker Spirit Award - Ross Williams, the Director of "Robot Love" as well as the Editor of "First Men on Planet 9," the upcoming feature "Vampire Camp" and Cinematographer of "First Men on Planet 9."

Sponsored by Franklin Upholstery, Killer Valley Films, SidFilmz Multimedia, Darkwing Manor, and ELKS Lodge #944 - the festival was a no-charge event. Donations were raised in the form of canned foods for ACCESS Food Shelter and cash donations to support the ELKS Roberts Trust for Veterans. Additional support was provided by SOFaT - a network for Southern Oregon film and television professionals. Live music was provided from local "blackgrass" band, Stereotyped.

Filmmakers and fans Filmmakers and fans Filmmakers and fans Stereotyped Filmmakers and fans Filmmakers and fans

Named for the Rogue Valley (killer being one synonym for rogue), the Killer Valley Horror Film Festival is hosted each year in Southern Oregon, but open to filmmakers worldwide.