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KVHFF 2007

The Killer Valley Horror Film Festival was hosted Sunday, Bloody Sunday on October 14, 2007 at Vibes Main 1 in Medford. 10 Films were screened to a select audience. Levi Anderson hosted the event, introducing the directors of each film to discuss their productions before each screening. Anderson also emceed the Costume Contest, judged by Doug Hill of Mental Records. The Costume Contest winner was some freaky satan looking dude with lots of horns and gnarly teeth. His costuming and make-up were done by Magic Man Costume Shop of Medford. The event showcased 10 independent horror films and Randy Granstrom of Rogue Productions presented awards to finish out the evening.

Winners in their select categories:
Best Special Effects: Morbid Creations for work on Dead Girls *Parental Discretion
Best Actress: MiLissa in Play With Me
Best Actor: Levi Anderson in Gogbar and Remote Control Optional
Best Director: Alden Morgan for NealHam's Remote Control Optional
Best Film: We're Here to Wreck Everything music video featuring Virus Nine
Most Disturbing Film Award
went to Noxious Trinity's Play With Me
The For Love Not Money Award
(presented by Ray Robison) went to Levi Anderson

For more information, contact Randy Granstrom, of Killer Valley Films or visit

Also screening were "The Button Pusher", Zombies and Stuff, Rise, Trauma, and Dead Girls. Selected sponsors included Magic Man Costume Shop in Medford, Franklin Upholstery, SidFilmz, Killer Valley Films, Bison Films, and Noxious Trinity Films.