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About the KVHFF

Date: January 4th & 5th, 2019
Location: Ashland Hills Hotel & Suites
2525 Ashland St, Ashland, Oregon 97520
Tickets: Buy Tickets on $10

The Killer Valley Film Festival is a two-night event in Ashland, Oregon. Friday night is the first annual The Killer Valley Comedy Film Festival, come and have a good laugh! Saturday night is the 11th annual The Killer Valley Horror Film Festival, sure to be an awesomely spooky time! Come meet filmmakers and see films from all around the world.

KVHFF 2017 Details

Last year was a great event with an amazing turnout. Some of the films shown are featured on the poster below.

Killer Valley Horror Film Festival - 2017

The Films

Wicked Pixie Productions "Do I Scare You?"

The final film in ROW 211 FILMS I Never Trilogy "I Never Did"

Free Fire Films "Dial Tone"

Southern Oregon University's Christian Nava's "Bob the Killer"

Klamath Falls Filmmaker Ryan Niemi "Touch the Light"

Alexander Mattingly's "Admonition" starring Adrienne King!

Also Showing!

Jacob Strunk's "An Elder Man" starring The Monster Squad's Ryan Lambert!

Mitchell Vincent Slan's "Balloon"

Crap Films "Weed Whacker Massacre"

Adam A. Losurdo's "HOPE"

Ivan Radovic's "Eldritch Code"

Doug Hawley's "Cursed World Problems"

Caitlin Koller's "Blood Sisters"

Timothy Vandenberg's "Agatha"

Michael Trainotti's "In My Room"

Zak White and Todd Spence's "Your Date is Here"

Nicholas Santos' "Holiday Fear"

KVHFF 2016 Awards

Best Film - Larry Gone Demon -
Best Director - Steve Desmond (Monsters) -
Best Actor - Charles Parker Newton (Larry Gone Demon)
Best Actress - Marlyn Mason (Besetment) - Barbed Wire Films
Best FX - The Call of Charlie

Killer Valley Horror Film Festival - 2016

Big KVHFF news! We just added the locally made horror feature Besetment! We had to do some last minute juggling and we've added an hour to the festival. But we just had to make it happen! It's a film made by a lot of our friends, it was shot in Oregon, it's just beginning its festival run, it's too perfect a fit for our festival that we couldn't wait until next year.

This festival is going to be absolutely jam packed with horror films! Besetment will be the final film showing after about 2.5 hours of awesome horror shorts.

Please come on out, and bring your horror loving friends and family! November 12th, from 6pm - 11pm at the Ashland Hills Hotel & Suites.

2016 KVHFF Official Line-up

We have four local films: Besetment by Barbed Wire Films, I Never Will by ROW 211 FILMS, Roxy and the Mine by Southern Oregon University graduate Piers Dennis, & Rose and the Devil by Bison Motion Pictures.

The rest of our U.S. films include: Bag a Body, The Call of Charlie, Graveyard Shift, Invaders, Larry Gone Demon, Monsters, Muscle Face, Pigskin, Sloven, Small Talk, The Cop Cam, and The Fisherman's Wife

And we have a great line-up of Foreign films from all over the world: Alien Inside, Alter, Mr. Denton, Munchies, Pretty, Selfie, The Final Girl and The Magic Dumplings

2015 Festival (Details)

2015 Killer Valley Horror Film Festival - Coming Soon

Latest From Our Blog

A Celebration of the Horror Anthology (or Compilation)

KVHFF 2014 Awards [more]

Best Film - Creeper - link
Best Director - Dan McCloy (The Witching Hour - link)
Best SFX - Necrotic - link
Best Actor - Levi Anderson (Creeper)
Best Actress - Chloe Rosenthal (Creeper)

Killer Valley Horror Film Festival, 2014

The Killer Valley Horror Film Festival is an annual celebration of independent motion pictures in the Horror and Sci-Fi Genres.

Highlights from KVHFF 2012

Thank you to KOBI Channel 5 for video from 2012.
[Click Here for Results & Awards from previous years]